Residential Pricing

For residential internet

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No Data Caps or Limits

Goodbye Gigabyte Limits!

All services are unlimited bandwidth that means no data caps,  it will not slows down and you will never be charged  for overages!

Install fee: $150.00 for basic install with up to 50 feet of cable, 1 exterior puncture, mounting the device to the outside wall eve or existing pole.

Pricing will vary for any extra hardware, cabling  above and beyond the standard installation.

Internet stability depends upon the ability to connect to our transmitters with sufficient signal rates that is within 3 miles of a customer location with the standard equipment.

Long range equipment is available with additional cost to a customized solution.

Net1 Connect does not sale or lease equipment ! all hardware radios wiring always stays the property of Net Connect if you stop service we remove all equipment installed!

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