Very Pleased

We have Net 1 Connect servicing our office and it is really fast, affordable, dependable even during heavy rain storms.

Caryn Petzold

Loving it!

I’ve been a customer for six months and love the service. I struggled with the monthly data limit with my prior provider, but that’s simply not an issue with the plan I have with Net1Connect. So I’m not constantly trying to decide whether I use my phone plan data or my internet data the way I used to. (And having those discussions with the teens about stopping all that video streaming.) Works beautifully and when there were a few technical issues, Phil has been amazingly easy to get hold of, and work with me to figure out where my bottlenecks were. Problems solved. Great product and great customer service. What else can you ask for?

Roy Martin

Very pleased with the sale

Very pleased with the sale and service. Phillip stands behind what he offers.

Bobby Nicholson

You just don’t know…

…how happy I am to finally have fast, reliable internet! I can now play games online without worry of not having service. I love that there isn’t a data cap and that if I have a problem, I can get a hold of Phil (Owner-CEO), and he will help in any way he can. Great and friendly customer service.

Alma Musel

Speed of service and customer support

Being able to switch away from our satellite internet provider has been the best thing to happen since we moved to this rural area. I’m more than happy to have the fast and reliable service that we now have with this WISP connection. I let all those in my same situation know that Net1 Connect is the only way to get your service. Speaking of Service… Phil is dedicated to his business and puts quality of connection next to his customer service support.


Extremely Happy Customer!

This internet has been a godsend to my family. It is extremely fast and reliable. Handles heavy streaming and gaming with no problem! Unlimited data at this price is unbelievable. Simply outstanding!

Tony Minor

Great service

Where I live there weren’t many internet options. I had a grandfathered cellular data plan and was hesitant to cancel it for an unknown ISP. Glad I did, I now have the bandwidth and speed to make my whole family happy. The few times I had an issue Net 1 was always fast to go above and beyond helping us out…. I would recommend his service without hesitation


Great Customer Service

Net1 Connect has the best internet service I have found in the area. Phillip is friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. I would recommend Net1 Connect to anyone in need of fast speeds. We frequently stream NetFlix with no buffering and enjoy our experience.

Troy Williams

Great Home Service

Great home service that has allowed us to disconnect directv and now stream TV. Very reliable and consistent speed.

Sanders Family

Wonderful Service for my Heating, Air, and Appliance Repair Comany

Wonderful internet provider. We switched from Rise Broadband and couldn’t be happier. Our internet speed is way faster than it was and so much more reliable. Switching over to Net1Connect was the best decision for our business. We do everything off the internet and were having way too many problems with Rise Broadband to run our business efficiently and timely as possible. We no longer have those problems now that we have Net1Connect. Thanks for the wonderful service Net1Connect.

Tara Spears

Great Service!!

I’m so glad we switched to Net1connect. Our internet service works great and couldn’t be happier with the service.. Phillip is such a nice guy and professional to deal with, always easy to get a hold of with any questions. It’s such.a nice change not having to be under a strict data allowance. I highly recommend this company for anyone who is looking for fast, reliable internet service !!

Allison Herod

Great Service!!!

Net1 Connect provides an outstanding high speed internet service value with exceptional customer service. Thanks Phillip for keeping me connected!

Ryan McBee

Great product . Great service.

My wife and I are so pleased with the product and service. We live in the country with no other internet options beside the costly data game from the cell phone providers. Phil’s product does exactly what is supposed to do with giving us a reliable and fast internet connection with out the burden of watching how much data we use.I recommend the product to everyone I see.

Jeremy Krusell

Excellent Speed and Service

Net1connect is providing excellent connectivity to those of use that choose to live where DSL, Cable Modems, and Fiber don’t exist. I work in the IT industry and never dreamed we would be able to get reliable 20 meg unlimited download speed in our home. I’m finally able to connect to my office VPN and work on my firewalls, switches, and VMware clusters that reside all over the country with no lag time. We switched from another wireless ISP that ran old wireless equipment, had much slower upload and download speeds, cost twice as much, and did not deliver what they promised. I am very pleased with the connectivity we have at our home and have been recommending net1connect to everyone I know. Thanks for the great service Phillip.

Curtis Payne

We have had Net1Connect for almost 3 years

We have had Net1Connect for almost 3 years now. Every time we have had an issue they have been quick to resolve it. Great customer service and great internet service throughout.

David Kroeker

Speaks volumes compared to our previous providers

Been with Net1 for almost two years now and very satisfied with our decision and their service. On a typical day we may have as many as three ROKU’s and a tablet or laptop streaming and pretty much all trouble free. Though I can’t say everyone would have it that nice, we have. Speaks volumes compared to our previous providers and hope continued success.

Best Regards,

Greg and Barbara Raines

The BEST Internet service!

We have used 2 other Internet service providers and then switched over to Net1connect over a year ago. We are so happy with our service! If you need an internet service provider and are living out in the country then this is the one to go with! Our internet with the other providers usually went down during storms and slowed down after so much use. Not with Net1connect! We can surf the web and stream video during a thunderstorm with no problem! And anytime there is a problem (which is very RARE), Phil fixes it immediately!

Stephanie Turnbo

The best change i ever made.

I live in an area where internet is very hard to get unless u use satellite. I have used different providers and none of them have ever provided the service that they say would. My last one i was paying 126 dollars a month and only able to get internet service about 48 hours a month. When i called them to get solution for this problem they always said it was a weather outage and it was sunny with no cloud in site. I heard about Net 1 Connect and did some inquiring about it. Come to find out my boss already had the service and could say anything bad about it. So here we are today, i got service install and have been using it for a week already and i am believing that this should have happened a long time ago. Now i dont have to worry about my daughters missing out while doing home school because the internet always dropped out. Thank you for the great service and the professional instal and manner of Phil. All around 5 stars

Albert Pagel

Fast and very reliable service.

Fast and very reliable service. Always able to get in touch with someone. We live in the country where internet is hard to come by and by far this is the best!

Ashley Fowler

Great customer service

The owner is very friendly and helpful! He set up our internet in a couple of hours and answered all of our questions. He’s even helpful when it comes to devices for business solutions. We’ve been with Net 1 since March. In April, lightning struck the tower and fried his system. He worked diligently to fix and a back up in case it happened again. He also handled our bill. Recently he called to check on us because unbeknownst to us, our kids switched off the power supply to Wi-Fi. Very pleased with the speed of our internet and the service we receive.

Tracy Diaz
TD7 Designs and TNT mowing

Net 1 Connect better than AT&T

We have been with Net 1 Connect about 3 years. I was struggling with the provider that we had. Net 1 Connect solved those issues. I work remote from home. Net 1 connect makes that possible. Thank you for quality equipment and quality service.

Pat Pearson

Best service EVER!

I like everyone from Valley Mills to Temple have seen the posts “who has reliable internet? Need help”. Well, I have found it!! Net 1 Connect not only had the very best personal service but the MOST reliable fast internet I’ve ever had, which includes office internet service in Waco. I’m thankful to have found this company and highly recommend them.
Traci lee

Traci Reynolds
American Classifieds Inc.

Fantastic Service and Great Customer Support

Great reliable service and the best customer service ever! Thanks Phil!

Jim Elsey

Great customer service and Internet service.

Have been with Net1 for several years. No problem getting hold of Philip. Just text him and he will return a phone call within half an hour or so.
I had a blast when my techie son was here from CA. Philip came over and I listened to them talk internet tech. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT LANGUAGE they were speaking; but they seemed to understand each other! I have great respect for anyone who can keep up with my son. Philip? No problem!

Phil Petty

Thank you for your comments!